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Hello, I’m Jose Constela. A web applications developer & consultant. I have wide experience on planning and building scalable web apps, large rest APIs and web performance optimisation. I work on a daily basis with technologies such as NodeJS, MongoDB, microservices and AWS Lambda.



Jose is a very versatile and dynamic engineer with a ton of experience building out backend architectures for startups.

Murad Saidov CPO at Beamery

I worked with Jose at Seed.jobs and Beamery, and he is a dedicated and intelligent developer, who always tries to improve team processes and documentation as well as his own work.

Claudia Marques Interface designer

I worked with Jose at Seed Jobs and he is definitely a very strong asset to any team: he’s very passionate and he will not rest until he gets all his questions answered – wether this means an actual question or reading a couple of books on the subject. Not only is he hungry for knowledge, another of Jose s great qualities is that he is a great team player: he is always making an effort to share and learn within the team and to work collaboratively.
And besides being a great professional, Jose is mostly a great human – very relaxed, friendly and fun to be with.
It was an absolute pleasure to work with him and I couldn’t recommend him more.

I worked with Jose at seed.jobs and found him to be a smart, highly skilled and knowledgable member of the team and a real pleasure to work with. Jose is both warm, kind and funny, making him a great person to be around not only as a colleague but also as someone you can unwind with after a challenging day. I’d love to have the opportunity to work with him again someday, he’d be a fantastic addition to anyones team.Kat Wojcik

I had the pleasure to work with Jose during my time at Seed.jobs. Jose is really knowgeable and helpfull. I was really impressed by Jose dedication and handle pressure under tight deadline. As a team member Jose earns my highest recommendation.

Jose is a fantastic person to work with a very strong problem solving skills. Always looking forward to help. There aren’t any problem that he will not try to face it.
Jose is an asset to any company.

Devshree Karkare IT Developer at RCNi

Jose is very versatile detailed-oriented developer. It was great pleasure to work with him while he was in the company. He was always happy to help others and always up for new challenges. Would strongly recommend him , his development skills and his versatility of working with different CMS as well as with different development tools…

Jose is skilled developer with good knowledge of systems and a good work discipline. His work is of a high standard and he is easy to work alongside.

Jose is a very capable developer with a broad interest in technology. His work was always thorough and of a high quality. Also, he’s a terrific person to work with, and has a great attitude towards even the most complicated tasks. Highly recommended!

Jacobo Pedrosa Entrepreneur

While Jose was the sysadmin at Vimirk, he showed a great skill in both AWS platform and web development in general. Moreover Jose has showed great ability to deal with problems that may appear in the project and to solve them effectively.

María José Madarnás SCRiBBR

José Ramón is one of the most applied students I’ve known. I worked with him on several class projects and he had always been a talented team player. He spent a lot of time researching and reading to be on the edge of new technologies. He is a smart and respectful person who is passionate about his job.

The three qualities that describe Jose’s profile as student are: Entrepreneur, curious and eager to learn.

Working with José Ramón was an enriching experience. I highly recommend him, because of his interest in learning new things and his ability to adapt to the different challenges and projects.

Work Experience

2014 - Present


Web Development Contractor

Working with EMEA based clients on NodeJS development.

– API design and implementation – NodeJS, Swagger, MongoDB
– Data scrapping & curation tools.
– Data analysis and aggregation.
– Chat bots design and implementation & conversational commerce platforms.
– IoT for agriculture.
– Physical tracking with BT beacons.
– AWS: S3, EC2, RDS, Lambda, CloudWatch, SES and some others.
– Heroku.

2017 - Present

Collectable.com Inc.

Web Development Contractor

Collectable is a mobile-first auction aggregation and metasearch engine. With decades of experience in collectibles, software development, and technology consulting, our team is primed to change the way collectors discover and shop for items in the multi-billion dollar online investment-grade collectibles industry.

– Amazon Web Services management.
– API design and implementation – NodeJS, MongoDB.
– Large data scrapping.
– AWS lambda based microservices

2016 - 2018


Web Development Contractor

Nightset is a mobile platform that connects the entire nightlife ecosystem . The app is a companion for the night allowing people to discover the best party in town, broadcast their night to other users in real time and meet like-minded people through the platform & in the physical world.

Venue owners communicate, promote and engage with users directly through the Nightset app, ensuring more successful nights for partygoers and nightlife businesses alike.

– API design and implementation – NodeJS, Swagger, MongoDB.
– Data analysis and aggregation.
– AWS lambda based microservices.
– Data scrapping & curation tools, some are slack-bot powered



Web Development Contractor

Beamery is an advanced recruitment marketing and sourcing platform that enables talent acquisition leaders to better attract, nurture and convert potential candidates into job applicants. We empower companies to build communities of engaged talent, focus on communication and treat candidate like customers, while integrating seamlessly with the ATS to track every candidate from every source, all the way to hire.

– Micro services and NodeJS Development.
– API Design and implementation.
– Team processes and documentation.

2014 - 2015

Seed Jobs

Web Development Contractor

The Seed.jobs inbound recruitment platform brings marketing automation and data science to recruitment, enabling your team to get straight to what matters most – communicating with candidates and hiring the best talent. Bring all your candidate conversations in one place, eliminate manual entry and contact scrubbing, and let data drive decisions with performance tracking and behaviour analytics.

– Micro services and NodeJS Development.
– API Design and implementation.
– Amazon Web Services management.


Seed Jobs

Web Developer

Seed.jobs is an inbound marketing platform for talent acquisition. We give recruiters the tools and technology used by marketing professionals to engage, convert and nurture inbound talent.

– PHP Development.
– API design and implementation.
– Data Analysis with MongoDB & mr.
– Amazon Web Services management.

2012 - 2014



Contents sharing web app, designed for workgroups.

– Partnered with HPC Center Cesga. http://www.cesga.es/ (scientific investigations & e-learning) and schools.

2012 - 2013

Totally Communications

Web Developer

Totally Communications is a full-service digital agency: Web design and build, bespoke software development, search marketing and mobile technology services.

– PHP Development on Zend Framework.
– WordPress custom developments (ninja).
– Twitter, Google Maps, and YouTube APIs.
– OOP Javascript, jQuery & ExtJS 4



AWS Manager / Contractor

Vimirk is a Facebook application that can be used for different purposes: to share videos with your colleagues, create lists of your favorite videos, find the trending videos of the network or see what your colleagues are seeing. – Migration to Amazon Web Services: EB, EC2, IAM, Load Balancers & SSL management. – PHP development. – Facebook & YouTube APIs. – Process and IT infrastructure documentation.

2010 - 2012



Web apps development, optimization, SEO, and usability.

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