Software Development Consultant

I help companies building and boosting software products.


How I help products

Research & brainstorming

I help choosing the right technologies that help delivering better value faster.

Plan ahead and sort priorities

Identify future obstacles and define step by step path to meet your software needs.

I build, code and architecture

I code and help building scalable software and architectures.

Cloud services providers

I have experience with wide variety of cloud providers services. Including AWS.

Support & monitorization

I fix from slow database queries to issues tormenting your team or users.

  Automating   everything

From processes to continious integration. Either via software or faster internal processes.

Teaching and empowering

I co-organize and give public and private talks on technology, frameworks, practices, etc.

Who I have worked with

This are some companies I have worked with in the past


What some customers say
I worked with Jose at and Beamery, and he is a dedicated and intelligent developer, who always tries to improve team processes and documentation as well as his own work.
Sultan Murad Saidov

Sultan Murad Saidov

Co-Founder and President at Beamery

Jose is a very capable developer with a broad interest in technology. His work was always thorough and of a high quality. Also, he’s a terrific person to work with, and has a great attitude towards even the most complicated tasks. Highly recommended!
Antony Cox

Antony Cox

Managing Director at OnTrack Retail

While Jose was the sysadmin at Vimirk, he showed a great skill in both AWS platform and web development in general. Moreover Jose has showed great ability to deal with problems that may appear in the project and to solve them effectively.
Jacobo J. Pedrosa

Jacobo J. Pedrosa

Co-founder at LilyMedia