Open application:

Capture, consult and value the georeferenced data of your organization.

– Frontend: AngularJS / Leaflet
– Backend: NodeJS
– Storage: MongoDB
– Alerting: AWS SQS (queuin’g), Lambda (triggering) & Pinpoint (sms, phone calls)
– Usersystem: AWS Cognito
– Physical devices for datacapture: (Libelium)

Data capture

Maps allows the capture and consultation of data obtained through various sources:

  • Through autonomous sensor networks such as Libelium®
  • Through web applications
  • Mobile applications deployed within your organization.
  • Third-party sources, such as WMS services or GeoJSON APIs
  • External SQL or MongoDb databases.
  • Etc.

Autonomous control

Indicators and autonomous control

Maps allow the creation of conditions that occur when data is collected, through a customizable alert threshold. These allow, for example, to be alerted by means of an automated telephone call or an SMS text message when one of the parameters is below a certain alert threshold.

  • Telephone alerts: SMS and automated telephone calls 24/7.
  • Integration with IOT devices. (example: automation of irrigation systems)
  • Immediate notifications.
  • Sending of immediate emails.
  • Fully customizable indicator conditions.

The Map

Maps allow showing, users outside your organization, the data you want to make public, while the rest of the data remains inaccessible and stored securely.