From idea to product Rapid MVP development,
with strategic planning.
Driving Your Techinological Success

I assist your startup from Idea to Product and its iterations.

1. The Technology

I help you choosing the technologies that performs the best impact based on your product needs, and train your team about them.

2. Strategic Planning

I help you planning on technology, infrastructure, development and growth roadmaps.

3. Product Development

i plan, build, document and launch your products.

Your product partner

Services Designed For Startups


Research and help choosing the right technologies for your products to fulfill their needs.

Teams and technologies

I train and assist you and your team on the technologies that better impacts your products.

Rapid MVP development

I create products. From early-stage MVPs to product iterations and pivotals.

Connected things

I help creating IoT products and services. From bluetooth enabled devices, to devices that runs in top of MQTT platforms.

Planning and documentation

I create short, mid and long term IT planning and roadmaps based on your products limitations and aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions

We may have not used the right tools the right way until now. What can we do?

This is likely the most common question I got asked when a new customer contacts me. It mainly comes from startups.

One one side, throwing away the work that is done and starting from the scratch always seems to be the best way to go, but unless the product it’s not pivoting to a different niche or approach (B2B to B2C), it’s not always the best idea. Starting from scratch drags your pace and might make you loose time to market, money, energy and all the efforts from initial stages.

For example, one of my most common cases is that startups do have systems built – not always in the “nice” way – they do their work, but they require patches to be made on a daily basis – if not more often. This is an extremely common case for APIs and backend services.

The good news is that your current technology can continue to serve it’s purpose, while migrating specific parts of the technological stack to new libraries, frameworks or even different programming languages, without downtimes or service interruptions.

This approach has let my customers to gradually deprecate and stop patching systems, while introducing new stable, scalable, durable and adaptable technologies.

We will experience growth, but not sure our technology approach will continue to serve our purposes.

A common case on early-stage startups is that speed to put products on the market primes over quality. Decissions are taken based on daily needs with lack of planning. That’s startups DNA. And it works in 99% of the cases for today’s succesful startups.

However, when a product’s MVP gets validated, new iterations are requested by stakeholders or market requirements changes, things tend get complicated, and the technological stacks, processes, systems capacity and maintanability are put into pressure. Then the problems hits the fan.

That’s why it’s important for startups that are experiencing growth, to choose the right paths when it comes to ICT, and incorporate modularity, extensibility, and planning as part of their NDA or not-so-early stages.

We may experience groth. How will be our partnership from then on?

I work with companies independently of their size, location and growth rate.

Even if you are about on design phases, about to launch a product, or your startups is doing product interations or pivoting, we will continue to lend our services.

I look forward knowing about what you are building

How can I help you?

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