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Introducing Tideflow (beta) – Create automated workflows

I’ve just published the website for Tideflow – , an open source tool for automating workflows.

You can check the source code at

What does it use:

  • MeteorJS – latest version to date
  • Iron Router
  • SteveJobs queue for the workflow engine
  • Autoform all over the place, including the core of workflow’s editor
  • Webparsy for scraping websites
  • JsPlumbKit for connecting the workflow steps
  • Others

Code and some of it components might not be the best as it growed organically from a side project to automate bill generation – pretty simple – to a bigger creature. As I wanted to get something others could use relatively soon, didn’t wanted to expend extra time on many things – MVP kind of thing. But at least now the core is built (and works, even if in beta).

Want to lend me a hand improving it? Even if it’s with an star on Github for the main repository 3, it really helps a lot!

You can also use Tideflow for your own purposes and report any issue or bug you may found.

There are some tasks on the backlogs. Check

Any ideas, comments and pull requests helps hugely to the project.


GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

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